Track billables. Create Invoices.

minimize your documents

Minimize paper clutter and scattered documents by using InvoiceTracker to track any billable service or product.

follow client payments

Create PDF invoices to send to customers. Mark invoices as paid.

Track Time Spent

Create accurate line items for services performed with InvoiceTrackr's timer functionality.

saved to the cloud

All of your current and past customers, billable products and services, and invoices are readily available across devices.

Choose the perfect plan

All of this time, billable items and invoice tracking goodness is free to use.


Per month

  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited line items
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Cancel anytime

Frequently asked questions

InvoiceTrackr is software as a service that enables you to input your customers, products and services. You can then create billable line items by time or unit and create pdf invoices based on tracked products and/or services.

InvoiceTrackr is free to use.

If you need to routinely track services performed or products sold, send invoices, and follow up on payments, this app is for you! InvoiceTrackr has a visually pleasing and intuitive user interface that is easy to work with.

I needed a simple app that allowed me to track time (with a timer) spent developing software for freelance gigs and had the capability to generate invoices. So I ended up founding InvoiceTrackr to scratch my own itch.

No, not currently. InvoiceTrackr is a small, bootstrapped, mom and pop startup. Hopefully we’ll be hiring in the future.

InvoiceTrackr is a cross platform time tracking and invoice generation app for all devices. Contact Us